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News From The Front    
  • 5/19/11 RSK Successful Landing in Ha'il
  • 5/21/11 RSK Holds Ha'll, Al Hudus ash Shamallyah, Al Jawf, Al-Qurayyat
  • 5/22/11 RSK Takes Ad Duwayd
  • 5/23/11 RSK Defeats G-V-N & Takes Al Muthanna!
  • 5/24/11 Victory for Turaif GG OTG 
  • 5/25/11 RSK Defeats BG & Takes Najaf!
  • 5/26/11 Counter attack by BG pushing RSK out of Najaf 
  • 5/30/11 Good showing by both teams in landings at N. Caucasus, and Ireland
We are currently recruiting mature players with good play time and a desire to work as a team. Visit the Recruitment forum to apply.
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Forming Clan Wars Team #1

Battle Commander Arty = Ventroff
Arty =
Arty =
Heavy PL1 =
Heavy =
Heavy =
Heavy =
Heavy PL2 =
Heavy =
Heavy =
Heavy =
Med/Scout PL =
Med =
Reserve PL =
Heavy =
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